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Deciding to file for bankruptcy can be a tough choice. By the time you need to find lawyers for bankruptcy near you, the bills have piled up and harassment from creditors has become unbearable. At some point, the benefits of calling a bankruptcy attorney begin to outweigh the negative consequences. Although some people worry about the stigma of looking for a debt lawyer, the bankruptcy process can offer the consumer a fresh start. Our low-income bankruptcy lawyers create new chances by freeing our clients from the growing pressure of debt. As bankruptcy attorneys from Dallas, we understand the legal, financial, and emotional consequences that this process can cause. That’s why we offer personalized services to every one of our clients.


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The lead attorney at our firm, Linda J. Littlefield, has more than 20 years of experience handling different bankruptcy cases. Those cases include Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 filings. We are active in the legal community as members of the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys, among other groups. And our lawyers for bankruptcy near you are dedicated to helping our clients choose the best course toward financial well-being.

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Bankruptcy is not a do-it-yourself project. There are complex regulations and paperwork to navigate. But unfortunately, many people who try to represent themselves choose the wrong type of bankruptcy. The consequences of not hiring a lawyer for bankruptcy can mean financial catastrophe. That’s why it is vital to seek out a debt lawyer. So we can help you work through the local and national forms, as well as the required paperwork.

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Before you decide how to file, contact our bankruptcy attorneys in Dallas for a free consultation. The services that we offer can help you understand the different types of bankruptcies. But we also educate our clients on their long-term financial consequences. We can then help you decide what type of filing is right for you. That will determine whether you can get out of all your debts, and how you repay the remaining debts. No matter your income or situation, we will work tirelessly to ensure that you are taken care of. There is no reason that you shouldn’t get a fresh start. So stop by or call our office today, and get yourself back on the path to financial well-being.


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